400px-Main Interface
Welcome to HellFire : The Summoning game!


First a walkthrough of the main menu.

1) Your Mobage Username would be displayed here.

2) Rank represents your level in this game. The higher it is, the more experienced the player.

3) MIssions: This is where the action starts, where you battle creatures in the different Chapters of each region. There are 20 regions in total. More details in a later page.

4) Creatures: This is where you see the creatures under your control. You can evolve and reinforce them.

5) Deck: This is where you select the creatures you want as your squad members to represent you on the battlefield. More on how to select the most appropriate squad on a later page.

6) Summon: This is where you can summon new creatures to be under your control. More details in a later page.

7) Allies: This is where you can see your allies who you gain as you progress in the game.

8) Settings: Allows you to adjust the volume of sound effects and background music as well as a Dynamic Camera option.

9) This is your energy indicator. Every mission you go on requires 15 energy. You regain 1 energy point every minute up to the cap of 100 energy.

10) Events: This is an event organised by Mobage. You can see the event details through this section. There may not always be an active event at all times.

11) This allows you to see the events scoreboard.